Bloodbath in Benin! 3 Fear Dead as Rivalry Cult Groups Engaged in Gun Battle

There has been a bloodbath in Benin, Edo State, in the last 48 hours, when rival cult groups converted the area of the High Sakponba of the metropolis into a theater of war.

So far, three people have been confirmed as dead and have been transferred to the morgue of the specialized state hospital in Benin.

Shots were fired with heavy firearms on the Ekiosa axis of the Upper Sakponba, a notorious region for cultism.

In one of the attacks, it was said that a man identified simply as Africa was shot dead on Tuesday morning at his brewery, located in Uyiosa Junction, Upper Sakponba.

It was learned that his assailants took him out of his brewery and shot him several times.

But when they discovered that the bullets could not penetrate him, they allegedly used machetes against him.

The lifeless body of the victim was seen inside a police van that deposited his body at the Benin Specialist Hospital.

Not long after that, it was said that other police officers were taken by police officers to the hospital’s morgue.

It was learned that the two victims whose identities could not be determined were also killed in the Alto Sakponba area of the City.

A young man who was identified as John Terry, was allegedly murdered in the Upper Uwa area, between the 2nd and the 3rd East Circular of the City.

It was learned that unidentified assailants attacked and hit the victim’s head with a stone.

It would be remembered that a hotel manager, Okunkpolor Osatohamwen, was also killed at his workplace by assailants yet to be identified.

At the time of presenting the report, it was not possible to determine the number of victims who lost their lives.

Nor was it possible to determine which cult groups participated in the attacks.

When contacted by telephone, Edo State Police Commissioner, Mr. Hakeem Odumosu, said he was in Kano on election service.

The spokesman of the State Police Command, Chidi Nwabuzor, could not be contacted either to obtain confirmation, since the calls made to his mobile phone were not answered.

Meanwhile, the Union of Nigerian Journalists (NUJ), Edo State Chapter, condemned the incessant killings related to the cult in Benin.

A statement signed by the president and secretary of the Council, Sir Roland Osakue and Titus Akhigbe, respectively, described the development as “unjustified killings of young people in the city of Benin, particularly on the Upper Sakponba axis”.

The Union condemned the interminable killings related to the cult and asked the security agencies in the state of Edo to cut it quickly before it degenerated into a full-blown battle between rival cult groups.

“Two days ago, precisely on Monday, Mr. Okunkpolor Osatohamwen Von, the husband of a journalist in Edo was shot to death in cold blood at his workplace in the area of the High Sakponba,” Osakue said.

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