Brilliant! Nigerian man invents machine that transforms nylons and plastics into petrol (photos)

– A Nigerian man has invented a machine that might develop Nigeria for the better – The man built a machine that transforms waste into petrol, Kerosene and Diesel – It was reported that the machine can also transform waste into tiles and roofing sheets Emeka Nelson, a young Nigerian genius has used his intellects to build a machine that might make the economy of the country better. The young man claims that his machine can transform wastes into petrol and lot more. The young man shared a posting, stating what the list of things the machine can do with photos of the invention on his Facebook page. On the Facebook post, the young Nigerian man reported that the machine transforms hydrocarbon related wastes like plastic, nylon and so on.

He further revealed that the machine would be able to transform this type of waste into kerosene, diesel, tiles, interlocking stones, bricks and roofing sheets. Nelson who named his invention the Mgbanwe C12, noted his thanks to the team who helped him in putting the machine together. He stated that the machine invention is a victory for the entire team.

He wrote: “The greatest things in life started from a little beginning. This is Mgbanwe C12a(an Improved design of C12). Designed and completed under 3 days and nights hard work. A MACHINE THAT TRANSFORMS HYDROCARBON RELATED WASTES LIKE PLASTIC, NYLON, WATER PROOF ETC INTO PETROL, KEROSENE, DIESEL, TILES, ROOFING SHEETS, INTERLOCKING STONES, BRICKS E.T.C. I want to use this medium to bless TEAM EMEKA NELSON; this is a victory for all of us.”

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