Nasty C “fuck A Reece”

Just when we thought the beef between two of SA Hip Hop’s finest young cats was about coming to an end, the feud looks to have been stirred up once again.

Without a doubt, the beef between industry titans, Cassper Nyovest and AKA looks to be the biggest rivalry of the game.

In fact, the heavyweights just settled another round of jabs aimed at each other that we do not expect things to quiet down anytime soon.

However, there has been a no love lost relationship between Nasty C and A Reece too, except for the fact that the situation between the two has never been fully declared.

While there has been constant rumours both rappers have sworn never to work together; Nasty C waved the olive branch in the past year when he reached out to A Reece to perform at his Ivyson Tour.

Even though The Wrecking Crew front-man had initially agreed to the offer, he eventually did not make it to the successful show much to the disappointment of the Tall Rack Records boss.

Perhaps, the reason for Nasty C’s ire as he recently took to social media platform, Instagram, to call out his long term foe, A-Reece; saying he won’t even mention his name since the latter is not worth it.

“I am not gonna(going) mention that boy’s(A-Reece) name. He is not worth it. F*ck him. I don’t want to work with him,” Nasty C said while responding to a question from a fan if the two were ever going to collaborate.

It is left to be seen how A-Reece responds to this latest jab but if you were hoping for a collaboration between the uber-talented lyricists, then you might just have to hope some more.

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