10-year-old child won a science fair by Proving how Tom Brady cheats

Some kids make baking soda and vinegar volcanoes for their science fair projects. Others find a way to turn their passion into a science fair project.

Meet Ace Davis, a 10-year-old kid from Lexington, Kentucky who created a science fair project about Tom Brady. While kids in New England might be trying to figure out how to scientifically prove that Brady is the greatest quarterback who ever lived, Ace decided to go in a different direction. He created a science fair project that proves that Brady is a cheater.

Ace sought to prove that Brady was a cheater through science. He wanted to show that deflated footballs gave Brady a competitive advantage. On his poster, he included the results of experiments he did with his mom and sister. Each of them threw footballs of varying inflation, and he measured the distance of each one and calculated the average. He found that the least inflated football traveled the farthest, therefore giving Brady a competitive advantage.

Of course, he included more than that on his poster. He used a Brady deflate-gate meme, a picture of Brady crying, and a picture of Brady making a weird face. And for good measure, Ace added a picture of himself in his football uniform (Ace plays quarterback, just like Brady) with a giant green checkmark, and put a giant red X over a picture of Brady.

In case you couldn’t tell, Ace doesn’t like Tom Brady very much! He gave an interview to NFL Draft Diamonds and revealed why he decided to take on this project.

How did you come up with the idea for your science fair project?

Because I hate Tom Brady, he’s been accused of cheating before, I want him to be caught.

Simple enough! Ace knows his own mind, that’s for sure. He also said that he thinks Joe Montana is the greatest quarterback of all time, and knows exactly what he’d say to Brady if he ever met him.

If you could share a message with Tom Brady what would you say to him?

Gimme some of your money, you don’t deserve it.

It doesn’t hurt to ask, right? Ace also predicted that the Los Angeles Rams would win the Super Bowl 30-14 after Brady throws three interceptions and Todd Gurley runs for two touchdowns.

Ace won his school science fair, and is now headed to the district science fair. And he’s not worried about any New England Patriots fans on the judging panel. He told NFL Draft Diamonds that he knows he’s going to win.

We heard you won the event at the school and are off to states?

Yep and I’m gonna win that too.

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