71-year-old man charged with 100 counts of rape involving children under 13

A 71-year-old man, Harvey J. Fountain, who was arrested on 50 counts of first-degree rape last week has now been charged with 50 more counts.

Stephen Phillips of the Rapides Parish Sheriff’s Office in Louisiana said he began the crimes in the early 1970s and continued for a decade. He said all of the assaults happened in Pineville, La., and involved children under 13.

According to Phillips, the decades-old accusations came to light April 1, when one of the victims disclosed the abuse to local authorities. The individual also informed the police that there were other possible victims.

“One victim came forward and was aware of others that may have been a victim of Fountain’s,” Phillips told The Washington Post.

“After additional interviews, additional victims were located,” Phillips said, though he would not say how many. “And, we still have more to interview.”

Under Louisiana law, if the complainant is under 13, any type of intercourse —oral, anal or vaginal constitutes first-degree rape; there is no statute of limitations for the offense in Louisiana.

Fountain was charged with 100 counts that involved more than one victim and occurred on various dates.

Phillips confirmed that Fountain was known to the alleged victims but would not discuss the specifics of an ongoing investigation.

Fountain is being held in Rapides Parish on $1 million bond, according to the local records office. A grand jury date has not yet been set.

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