How to dress like a Nigerian guy

The most populous country in Africa is dominating and excelling really quick. From Entertainment,Sport,Politics they’re always coming first, some will say they’re number one in crime too. But i would say there really good people and they’re coming up really fast.

When it comes to fashion these Nigerian guys are the baddest in Africa. You agree with me?

let’s take a look at some street fashion from the Nigerian streets and you can tell me what you think about how they dress in the comment box below.

See photos below

Celebrity Style

As a star or a celebrity in Nigeria you have to look awesome in whatever outfit you step out with of course you can add some chains to your look. Real or fake the chains match what they’re wearing

Davido and Mayorkum post for a snap

Simple street look

These guys are so cool when they step out in beautiful T’shirts,Skinny jeans and A simple slippers. Gucci,Fendi,Off whites, louis vuitton name it all,they gat it

The gentle street Style

This is not a classy look it’s just a look take makes you look gentle and charming.

When these young men step out in this look you can’t tell who’s rich and who’s poor they just look so cute,you might want keep an eye on your girl.

The hood look

The is the most common way of dressing in the Nigerian streets, if you’re a Nigerian you will understand what i mean, because this is what you see or do in your hood.

The savage look

This the problem,the bomb,the freestyle look of the Nigerian guys. When they dress like this what you have in mind is gangster look,the uniforms of the Nigerian streets.

The mask,skinny jeans the sagging is just too savage for

The Natives/Traditional look

These is the African traditional look and these guys are not taking it easy. They know just how to look good.

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