Serously wounded man rescued after one month from animal den where a grizzly bear had dragged him to eat (Graphic Photo)


A severely wounded man identified only has Alexander has been rescued from a bear den where an animal had dragged him to eat.

According to reports, the man, described as a “speaking mummy” was found by hunting dogs roughly one month after he was overpowered by the predator in Russia’s remote Tuva region.  

The almost lifeless man was rushed to a hospital where he was diagnosed with a broken spine from his fight with the brown bear. He told doctors a large predator had overpowered him.

“The bear preserved me as food for later, I had to drank my own urine to survive” he is reported to have said. Medics say it is a “miracle” that he is alive.  


A group of Russian hunters claim to have found Alexander after their dogs barked and refused to move on from a bear den they passed in the forest in mountainous Tuva.

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