Albanian Drug lords ‘who are linked to cartels and flaunt their wealth in online videos to recruit more foot soldiers to London from their homeland Albania’


Strutting in front of a pair of Rolls-Royces, a Lamborghini Huracan and a menacing mob of masked men, Albanian gang rapper ‘Stealth’ delivers a chilling warning. 


‘We gun you down cos Albanians need no reason,’ he spits. ‘They try to catch us, but these Albanians can’t be caught.’

The defiant video offers a shocking insight into the Albanian mafia in the UK. It was until recently shrouded in secrecy but now it is exploiting online PR to recruit more foot soldiers. 

Posting images of themselves flaunting machine guns, wads of bank notes and gold Rolex watches, brazen gang members are trying to persuade criminals from Albania to smuggle themselves into the UK to join their network, experts say. 


Middle-class drug users are swelling the vast profits of the Albanians’ criminal empire, which controls Britain’s £5 billion cocaine trade.

Talkmore investigates into what the Albanian organised crime can reveal:

  • Albanians have forged direct links with brutal Latin American cartels, driving down the price of the Class A drug, and have a vice-like control over cocaine distribution in the UK;
  • For the first time Albanians make up the highest number of foreign nationals in British jails, with 802 of them behind bars;
  • Jailed gang members are illegally using mobile phones to make video calls to each other from their cells and then posting their conversations online. The cells of two Albanian criminals who appeared in a recent video were raided by prison officers last week;
  • Albanian contract killers in the UK charge from £15,000 to £100,000 per assassination.

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