Malia Obama and her long time British boyfriend Rory Farquharson were spotted enjoying brunch with his parents at a luxury Ojai resort


Malia Obama and her British boyfriend Rory Farquharson looked loved up as they were spotted enjoying brunch at a luxury resort in California last weekend.

Barack Obama‘s daughter and her beau were pictured together as they joined three others, believed to be Rory’s brother and parents, for the relaxed meal at Ojai Valley Inn on Sunday.

Malia, 21, and Rory, also 21, sat side by side and were dressed casually for the get together.

Malia, who met Rory while they were both students at Harvard, wore jeans and a blue Hawaiian shirt.


The former first daughter’s long hair was braided and cascaded down her shoulders.

Rory opted for a black T-shirt, white shorts and sneakers.

The guest who took the pictures said they were stunned to see Malia without a burly protection officer.

‘Malia seemed really calm and relaxed,’ they said.

‘I thought: ‘Wow, this is the President’s daughter, shouldn’t there be security all around? But there wasn’t. In fact, she walked in by herself.’

Malia was happy to indulge star-struck diners.

The source continued: ‘A couple of people went over and said hello and she was nice. She seemed shy.

‘She was normal, just wearing jeans and a Hawaiian shirt.’

The source suspected that the other diners at the table were Rory’s family.

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