Bizarre ‘blister’ of water appears in the middle of a couple’s back garden after torrential rain (photos)


This is the bizarre moment a gardener pops a massive ‘lawn blister’ in his back garden, after it appeared during an afternoon of torrential rain.

Charles McKinney and Yvette McKinney, 46 and 54, were watching the rain on Wednesday when they noticed a strange lump appear in their garden.

The weird swelling took just half an hour to fully form at their home in Ackworth, West Yorkshire.

It came during severe rain in the area, which saw parts of the Yorkshire Dales became impassable after 2in (50mm) fell in just a few hours.   

The curious couple went out to investigate after the rain stopped and couldn’t resist poking the huge squishy swelling.

Unable to pop it by standing on the mound, IT consultant Mr McKinney grabbed a garden fork to open a hole and release the trapped water as his wife filmed the popping on her phone.


She said: ‘We’ve lived in our house for three years now but we’ve never seen anything like it happen before.

‘Charles and I were so confused as to what was happening, but it was actually our son Edward (13) who told us casually that it was a lawn blister.

‘We’d never heard of them, but we googled it and sure enough, our clever teenager was right.’

Lawn blisters appear when a pocket of water becomes trapped underneath the grass surface and often develop after a large influx of water hits the ground. 

Mrs McKinney continued: ‘Boys being boys, Charles couldn’t help himself and just had to pop it.

‘It was all very entertaining and bizarre so I decided to film it and see if anyone else had had something similar.

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