Horrified British expats watch as ‘maniac’ ties a man to balcony railings after ‘slitting his throat’ on the Costa del Sol


This is the terrifying moment a knife-wielding man was filmed on a balcony in the Costa Del Sol next to a victim who had blood pouring from his neck after his throat was cut.  

The attacker, clad in swimming shorts, held a ‘large kitchen knife’ to the unidentified man’s throat and screamed at people on the ground.   

The victim’s face was covered by a white T-shirt and his hands were tied in front of him, blood poured down his body after he reportedly had his throat slit.

He appeared to be wearing just underwear and knee-high socks as terrified crowds gathered on the ground. 

A Spanish flag hangs next to the pair as they stand on a third floor balcony while dozens of tourists and British expats look on in horror, the shocking clip shows. 

Police were quick to the scene in Duquesa port of the Spanish holiday resort, which is popular with British tourists. 


They were able to access the building when a British couple staying in the same block handed over their keys. 

A police officer donned full body armour as he entered the flat, and arrested the attacker – who reportedly threw the knife and mobile phones over the balcony edge.  

‘Suddenly there was all this commotion and I looked to see what was happening outside, then all these people started running into the bar,’ a barman working nearby told the Olive Press.

‘They were screaming that there was a man with a knife, everyone was looking up and could see the other man tied up and bleeding up on the balcony.’

Another local, who saw the attack, added: ‘The guy with the knife seemed like a maniac, when police dragged him away he was smirking and winked at people. It was so weird.’

Philip Day, a British oil worker living in Estepona, added: ‘When I saw the man with the towel covering his face I thought he was going to kill him.’

The victim was taken away in an ambulance but it’s not clear how severe his injuries are.

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