Brooklyn woman, 20, is charged after she is ‘caught on nanny cam forcing her housemate’s dog to perform oral sex on her’


A Brooklyn woman was charged after she was reportedly caught on camera forcing her flatmate’s dog to give her oral sex.  

Danielle Hui, 20, was arrested after Taylor Goldenberg, 24, told police that she witnessed the shocking incident on a motion sensor nanny camera, according to a criminal complaint seen by New York Daily News

She allegedly forced the pooch called Colton, which is a Pomeranian Shiba Inu mix perform oral sex on her in her flatmate’s bedroom at their Smith Street apartment in Carroll Gardens.  

Hui claimed that she wasn’t wearing any pants but did have underwear on. She also claimed that she did receive any pleasure from the sickening act when confronted by her flatmate.   

She also branded it a ‘bizarre accident.’ She claimed that she would never engage in a sexual act knowingly with an animal.

She told cops that she loved the dog , although the two had their differences in the past.


A judge released Hui without bail after a brief arraignment in Brooklyn Criminal Court on Friday.

Goldenberg told the Daily News: ‘I’m just happy that I’m safe. The dogs are safe. I’m just hoping that this helps other people be aware that you never know who you live with.

‘She clearly just has mental issues. I hope she gets the help she needs.”

Goldenberg claimed she knew that something wasn’t right about her roommate. 

She added: ‘I had my suspicions. This is the worst case scenario.’

Goldenberg explained that she bought the nanny cam and installed it a week ago.However she claimed that she never expected what she later witnessed. 

Hui is apparently moving out of the apartment that they share.

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