Laughing A$AP Rocky arrives back home to LAX on a private jet after his arrest ordeal and release from jail


A$AP Rocky has been spotted cheerfully greeting friends as he arrived back in the US after a month in a Swedish jail for his involvement in a street brawl that two others were also held for.  

The 30-year-old rapper – real name Rakim Mayers – was spotted wearing a designer head scarf over his twisted hair as he arrived on American soil in the early hours of Saturday and his friends loaded luggage into SUVs. 

Still suited up and at time covering his eyes with sunglasses, he’d taken a night flight on a private jet from Arlanda airport after he left Stockholm District Court on Friday with his attorney Martin Persson.

While locked up with co-defendants – David Rispers Jr and Bladimir Corniel – David’s mother Nikita Rispers had claimed on a GoFundMe page that her son was ‘sleeping on a yoga mat with no duvet for blankets’.

She claimed: ‘In the cell next to Rocky, there is a prisoner with severe mental issues who slams his head against the hard cell wall. The next cell prisoner allegedly hurls feces, which doesn’t get cleaned up.’ 


After they landed, his group of friends stayed inside the airport for about 15 minutes before emerging. 

But they were in no rush to leave and hung around talking and laughing in celebration for about 45 minutes outside.

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