Heartwarming moment British couple release a giant green turtle trapped between two rocks on beach in Oman


Two British holidaymakers had to put their holiday on hold last month to rescue a giant sea turtle.

Charlotte Young, 27, a marine biologist from Bristol was on holiday with boyfriend George Chislett, walking along the coast of Ras Al Jinz beach when they came across the trapped animal.

Having managed to get itself stuck between a rocky crag, the sea creature can be  seen flapping desperately, trying to get purchase on the rocks.


A marine biologist herself, Charlotte was desperate to come to the reptiles aid.

The pair made a fruitless 30-minute rescue attempt but the turtle, whose species can weigh up to 130kg when fully grown, wouldn’t budge.

After some quick thinking and a very lucky find, Charlotte returns with a plank of driftwood, and begins trying to pry the turtle out of its predicament as boyfriend George grits his teeth and tries to lift the turtle, struggling for grip on the smooth shell.  

With almighty grunts and a bit of screaming, the animal slides free, its flippers cartwheeling, desperate to get away. The lucky rescue happened on July 1.

Posting the video to Instagram, Charlotte said: ‘Never have I ever felt such a sense of sheer joy and overwhelming urge to cry in a moment.’ 

‘We watched her disappear back into the sea and watched the sunrise whilst we caught out breath and digested what we had just achieved.’


Green sea turtles spend most of their lives in the water but are known to nest on shores of over 80 beaches around the world.

The turtle was returning to the sea after laying eggs as mating season for the species is from June through to September.  

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