‘Shit Hole’ dog breeder kept more than ONE HUNDRED pets covered in feces and urine in a ‘putrid’ puppy farm


An ‘obsessed’ dog breeder kept more than one hundred puppies in horrible conditions with some covered in their own feces and urine.

Sharon McAdam, owner of Kupala Bull Terriers dog breeding business in Gladstone, Queensland, had 110 bull terrier dogs and puppies.

Many of the animals were kept in small cages with little access to food and water.

After an RSPCA investigation into the property in November last year, all dogs were seized after they were found confined to dirty cages and some were even unable to walk in the ‘putrid’ environment.


The RSPCA was contacted in October after a customer noticed how poor the conditions were when purchasing a puppy from the breeder.

The puppy she had bought had a range of medical issues including inflamed skin, an eye infection, and the skin condition mange all over its body.

After the investigation it was revealed that out of the 110 puppies at the property, McAdam owned 102 of them.

McAdam pleaded guilty on Wednesday at Gladstone Magistrates Court to one charge of failing to provide appropriate living conditions and two charges of failing to provide appropriate treatment for injury.

The court heard that the dogs were living in ‘hazardous’ cages with little air ventilation, as well as wires poking out in the ‘putrid’ environment, The Courier-Mail reported.

The animals were kept in a room where there was an overwhelming smell and urine soaked floors.

The RSPCA said in a blog on their website that the living conditions for the dogs were ‘alarming’.

‘Some were unable to stand erect in crates, some unable to turn around, and all were unable to walk, run, engage their senses, and enjoy normal dog activities. They were un-socialised. They had dirty and very smelly coats,’ the RSPCA said in a statement.


‘They were living confined in dirty smelly areas, with urine soaked flooring.’

Defence Lawyer Ryan Mitchell said McAdam had developed an ‘obsession’ with dog breeding and would only sleep four hours a day to care for the animals.

McAdam and her husband had started breeding 32 years ago but when her husband left the business, she was left with too many dogs to care for. 

‘It’s a shame it took things to get this bad before you continued to seek this help,’ she said,’ Magistrate Philippa Beckinsale said.


McAdam will now only be allowed to sell one litter per year and each puppy must be sold within three months.

She can own two dogs and will have to pay $5500 in vet costs as well as $1000 in legal fees.

McAdam was also placed on a two year probation order.

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