At least 26 people killed during a fire attack at a nightclub in Mexico


Twenty-five people have been killed and about a dozen others injured in an attack on a bar in the Mexican city of Coatzacoalcos, apparently overseen by a man who had been recently arrested but released.  

“The criminals went in, closed the doors, the emergency exits, and set fire to the place,” said Andrés Manuel López Obrador, the president of Mexico, at his daily morning news conference.  

Prosecutors initially said the fire killed eight women and 15 men and injured 13 people. López Obrador said the death toll had risen to 25, but did not specify the gender of the victims or the number of injured.


Veracruz state police said the Tuesday night attack targeted the “Bar Caballo Blanco”. “This is the most inhuman thing possible. It is regrettable that organized crime acts in this manner. It is more regrettable that there may be collusion with authorities” López Obrador said.  

Governor Cuitláhuac García has since identified the chief suspect as a man known as “La Loca” and gave his name as Ricardo “N’’ because officials no longer give the full names of suspects. García said the man had been detained by marines in July, but was released after being turned over to the state prosecutor’s office.

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