Edited photos show what fashion looks like in 27 different countries


Every time we come across photo exhibits that show what attractiveness around the world looks like, we marvel at how different beauty norms are. In the past, photographers, journalists, and designers have asked people around the world to demonstrate their perception of beauty.

Now a grooming company has commissioned research into what constitutes fashion in countries around the world, 27 specifically. The folks at Groom+Style wondered how people in different countries identify style when they focus solely on a human face.

So they shared plain headshots of a woman and man with fashion photographers, designers, and Photoshop experts around the world and asked them to conform their photos to what they felt was the latest fashion trends in their country. The results are pretty interesting. From excessive jewellery, body paint, and extravagant accessories to plain-faced and muscular, it’s interesting to see what is peak fashion. Below are images from the 27 countries and their ideal looks. Which one do you like best?

United Kingdom The ideal look in the UK, apparently (Picture: Groom+Style)

India High Indian fashion (Picture: Groom+Style)


Mexico Beauty in Mexico (Picture: Groom+Style)

Turkey Polo tees are in, in Turkey (Picture: Groom+Style)

Qatar Cool hats (Picture: Groom+Style)


Finland Unique eyeshadow look(Picture: Groom+Style)

Serbia Very professional (Picture: Groom+Style)

Albania They like windswept hair (Picture: Groom+Style)

Costa Rica Very smart (Picture: Groom+Style)


Bosnia They’re into their gendered colours (Picture: Groom+Style)

Germany Arguably the hottest (Picture: Groom+Style)

UAE Regal (Picture: Groom+Style)

Belarus The cigar is a nice touch (Picture: Groom+Style)

Egypt Tiny face is all the rage (Picture: Groom+Style)

Malaysia Futurisitc (Picture: Groom+Style)


Australia A day at the races? (Picture: Groom+Style)

Israel Chris Pine is that you? (Picture: Groom+Style)

Hong Kong Looks like famous faces have been plastered on (Picture: Groom+Style)

Ukraine Short dyed hair is having a moment in Ukraine (Picture: Groom+Style)


Russia The creators of this look said they were inspired by Ariana Grande (Picture: Groom+Style)

Lithuania Septums piercings are big there (Picture: Groom+Style)

Croatia Another smart look (Picture: Groom+Style)

South Africa Pretty 1920s (Picture: Groom+Style)

U.S That’s a big smile (Picture: Groom+Style)

France Oh France (Picture: Groom+Style)

Namibia Possibly our favourite look (Picture: Groom+Style)

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