Man wins $1M scratch ticket prize for 2nd time in 18 months

Rolf Rhodes, a resident of Massachusetts has won $1 million on a Massachusetts State Lottery instant ticket. 

It’s the second time that Rhodes has won money on such a ticket after winning one million just 18 months earlier.  

Rhodes’ recent win came from playing the “$4,000,000 Instant Jackpot” instant game, and he decided to receive the money in annual payments of $50,000 before taxes. He already received the first of 20 payments, the lottery organizers said.  


The store that sold Rhodes’ ticket, the Imperial Gas and Country Store in Mendon, will be granted $10,000 for selling the winning ticket.

There are three remaining $1 million jackpot prizes still up for grabs, the lottery says. And while lightning doesn’t usually strike twice in the same place, it appears to have been close.

Rhodes purchased his first winning ticket in Milford, Massachusetts, a town just next to Mendon.

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