Things most people don’t know about Ghetto


The word ghetto, derives its origin from the venetian word”geto“. In ancient times, in the early middle ages, in this side of the town there was an old foundry(a “Geto” in the Venetian) which was used to forge the mortars, small cannons of Venetian Ships.

A ghetto is a part of a city in which many poor people or many poeple of a particular race,religion, or nationality live separately from everyone else.
Here are 10 Things most people don’t know about Ghetto

1 The first ghetto

Beginning with the invasion of Poland during World War II, the Germany set up ghettos accross occupied Europe in order to segregate and confine Jews, and sometimes Romani people, into small sections of towns and cities furthering their exploitation.

2 Worst ghetto in the world

Brazil (ranked 64th overall out of 64 countries) that have the worst ghetto in the world. An expat from New Zealand thinks that there is an “underlying feeling of peopl always living in fear.” A German expat compalins that “the high level of inequality and brutality in the society is disturbing and makes me feels uncomfortable. Political chaos has caused lots of confusiuon and discomfort in my workplace.”


3 Largest Ghetto in the world

Orangi Town in Pakistan has the largest ghetto population in the world.
Lack of housing isn’t as much of an issue as limited resources . United Nations World Cities Report 2016 has named Karachi’s Orangi town as the largest among the worlds five largest slums. The settlement’s population exploded in the early 1970’s, when thousands of people migrated from East Pakistan after the 1971 war of independence.

Tired of living without proper sanitation, residents of Orangi Town gave up waiting for the government to install sewers and built them by hand themselves.

4 Some Billionaires that grow up in the ghetto

You don’t have to be born with a silver spoon in your mouth to achieve great things in life- though it certainly helps.
still, many of today’s billionaires had very humble beginings. Growing up poor didn’t stop these CEOs,celebrities and business experts from reaching the pinnacle of success, and it shouldn’y stop, either.

 Lakshmi Mittal worth $10.6 billion

Sheldon Adelson worth $35.2 billion in fortune


John Paul Dejoria worth $3.3 billion

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