Woman Gives Her Boyfriend Of 3 Years An ‘Out’ After Getting Cancer, He Proposes Instead


No matter who you are or where you live, life seems to give a fair share of lemons to everyone. It could be a single fruit or an enormous handful but you can be sure of one thing only – you will definitely get it. Jillian Hanson from New Jersey got her handful when she found out she had cancer. Knowing times would get pretty rough, she decided it would only be fair to her and her boyfriend as well if he knew it wouldn’t be easy and take his chance to leave before it gets really rough. The man did not blink for a second and stayed by her side through the worst. Little did she know he had a very special surprise planned for the already special day of her last chemo.

Jillian Hanson was dating Max Allegretti for 3 years before she was diagnosed with breast cancer

Image credits: Jillian Hanson

After finding out she has stage 2 breast cancer, Jillian Hanson thought it would only be fair for both her and her then-boyfriend of three years, Max Allegretti, if she’d give him the heads up that times will get really hard and if he’s not ready for it, it would be okay to leave then. “Jillian told me that it was going to be hard and that she did not know what to expect with everything and if I couldn’t handle it, she wanted to know now,” he said. But Max didn’t actually see that as an option and stuck by her through two years of treatment. Furthermore, he figured the best way to celebrate the end of her chemo was by popping the question.

Instead of choosing an easy way out like she suggested, he stuck by her through two years of treatment


Image credits: Jillian Hanson

And popped the question on her last day of chemo to which she, of course, said yes!

Image credits: Jillian Hanson

“I talked with Jill’s friends and family, and we decided how we could make her last day of chemo even better,” he said. “And then we planned everything out for the proposal with Memorial Sloan Kettering, the hospital where she was receiving treatment.” He asked for her hand in marriage on February 28, 2018, surrounded by her family, friends, and nurses. Even though they had talked about getting married before Jillian got her diagnosis, it came as a big shock to her. “I was so surprised that he decided to propose on a day that was already so special. It was such an exciting bonus that we were now celebrating two amazing milestones!” she said.

After hearing their story, wedding planner Lauren Grench offered her services for free and got vendors to donate their services as well

Image credits: llgevents


The couple tied the knot on October 18th, surrounded by friends and family

Image credits: llgevents

After getting engaged, they felt equally excited and overwhelmed with the planning. But they were saved from this headache after Jillian met a wedding planner from New York, Lauren Grench of LLG Events and shared her story with her. She was so touched, she decided she would lift the struggles off the couple’s shoulders and plan their wedding free of charge. They even got vendors to donate their services to the couple. “When we told Jillian that Kenneth Winston gifted her dream wedding dress, I cried alongside her,” Grench admitted. “I knew it was the one thing she wanted as she felt the most beautiful in that gown.” The college sweethearts finally tied the knot after five years together on October 18th in Tinton Falls, New Jersey, surrounded by friends and family.

People were overjoyed for the couple


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