‘You can’t box to keep everyone happy; you have to box for the win’ – Anthony Joshua finally replies Wilder after he was criticized for ‘running around all day’ against Ruiz


Heavyweight boxing champion of the world, Anthony Joshua has replied his rival, Deontay Wilder, after the American criticized him for his ‘weak mentality’ in Saturday’s win over Andy Ruiz.

On Saturday night December 7, British-Nigerian boxer Joshua reclaimed his four heavyweight belts lost in June 1 to Mexican heavyweight Andy Ruiz, but he was roasted by his undefeated rival, Wilder (see  HERE), who claimed Joshua’s win over Ruiz was like that of a ‘weak champion’, saying he ran around the ring to avoid being knocked out by Ruiz.


Reacting to Wilder’s statement, Joshua said;

“That’s Wilder’s opinion.” A lot of people don’t have a good bone in their body to say a positive thing anyway. I outboxed the heavyweight champion of the world for 12 rounds. I don’t think I lost a round. Maybe one

“I come in there with a great game plan, I’m successful. Isn’t that good enough?

“You can’t box to keep everyone happy; you have to box for the win. And I feel like when I’m at home celebrating, he’s there talking about negativity. Negative energy breeds failure so I’m just going to keep a positive mindset and build on that victory”.

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