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Clement Ukanevero is the Managing Editor for the talkmore's blog.

He has achieved success with well-established companies such as Nintendo, BBC, Newsweek, and Microsoft, to name a few.
So he is pretty well versed in the art of running a blog focused on music, television, movies, and celebrities.

With a niche News and entertainment blog.
Since he found himself in this situation often throughout the years, He has some tips up his sleeve for keeping this entertainment blog entertaining!

Strange things behind Belgian windows: Photographer spent three years snapping objects displayed on windowsills across Belgium – and says its residents are ‘natural born artists’

Belgians are ‘natural born artists’. That’s what French photographer Jean-Luc Feixa concluded after spending three years photographing objects on windowsills across Belgium. They are installed like ‘personal museums’, strange and intriguing treasures […]